We believe in the mutual benefit of partnerships.

Business Partner

Leanr can be used regardless of industry or company size. Put us in touch with decision makers.

We offer a Business Partner Program to reward each partner who connects us with a new lead.

Our Business Partner Program is based on trust and rewards each contact that leads to a contract with a pre-determined commission.

Join the Business Partner Program and participate in the development of the tech ecosystem in Germany and abroad.

Service companies such as asset managers, banks, management consultancies, insurance companies, etc. with at least 50 employees are obvious candidates, but also, for example, research institutions or universities - ultimately any organization that uses presentations in everyday life.

Simply get in touch with us. We will get back to you immediately and discuss the lead and the next steps with you.


1 - Lead submission
Reach out to us via the form below
2 - Lead acceptance
After a short review we decide immediately and give you feedback
3 - Lead Introduction
You establish a contact with decision-makers in the organization
4 - Negotiation and deal by Leanr
We go through our normal pitch and onboarding process with the lead
5 - Brokerage commission is paid
Upon successful conclusion of the contract, we will pay you a one-time fee depending on the contract volume

Reach out to us, we will reply immediately


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