Efficient collaboration

Leanr enables structured and secure collaboration when creating, updating and managing presentations. In real-time, across teams.

Leanr speeds up your presentation processes

The creation, management, approval and distribution of presentations for internal and external purposes is a very time-consuming and error-prone process in many companies. 

There is a risk of working on the wrong version of a presentation, circulating the wrong version, not being able to track approvals after the fact and simply overlooking emails in the inbox. It is also important to avoid neglecting compliance regulations and corporate guidelines. 

We address all these challenges in a central web application.

Leanr enables efficient cross-departmental collaboration using a presentation-based rights and roles concept. Only the respective responsible colleagues are involved in joint real-time creation and review processes at the point relevant to them and are automatically informed about points important to them. A presentation-specific chat also enables active participants to exchange information at any time. 

The presentation versioning concept integrated in Leanr also allows parallel publishing, further editing and reviewing of presentations without email ping pong and time loss.

Users can quickly customize presentations using the built-in variable feature.

Our MS PowerPoint linking and Microsoft Teams integration also enable seamless collaboration with the MS Office suite. 

Use Leanr on-premise or in the cloud. As you wish.

Faster. Better. Leanr.