Benefits of Leanr

Leanr increases productivity, enables audit compliance in regulated industries, provides real-time collaboration and centralized deployment.

Leanr enables efficient collaboration

The creation, management, approval and distribution of presentations for internal and external purposes is a very time-consuming and error-prone process in many companies. 

There is a risk of working on the wrong version of a presentation, circulating the wrong version, not being able to track approvals after the fact and simply overlooking emails in the inbox. It is also important to avoid neglecting compliance regulations and corporate guidelines. 

We address all these challenges in a central web application.

Leanr enables efficient cross-departmental collaboration using a presentation-based rights and roles concept. Only the respective responsible colleagues are involved in joint real-time creation and review processes at the point relevant to them and are automatically informed about points important to them. A presentation-specific chat also enables active participants to exchange information at any time. 

The presentation versioning concept integrated in Leanr also allows parallel publishing, further editing and reviewing of presentations without email ping pong and time loss.

Leanr improves your productivity

  • Which presentation is up-to-date?
  • What has been sent to which customer?
  • Did Compliance already approve this?
  • How often has this presentation been used?
  • When did we get the go-ahead from Marketing on this?
  • Where was the slide on Project XY again?

Everyday presentation life consists of many questions. Often they lead to many unnecessary phone calls, ongoing search for files, lots of email correspondence and frustration.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Leanr helps to bring structure into this chaos. Through labels that can be combined and customized as desired. Through a global keyword and content search across all presentations and slides.

Through meaningful usage statistics. By providing a chronological listing of all changes and approvals to each presentation.

Through optionally usable public and private folder structures.

Even over time, no information is lost, but all colleagues involved are supported in quickly finding and using the right information.

Leanr enables central deployment

Have you come across this situation?

New KPIs and financials, an updated disclaimer, a new layout - and countless presentations in which the affected slides have to be replaced.

Once this is done after a lot of manual effort, how do you ensure that only the updated presentations are used company-wide from then on?

With Leanr you have this under control as well: so you can upload new slide versions to Leanr in no time or update slides through our MS PowerPoint linking.

The 1-click slide deployment ensures that all presentations that use the updated slides in the old version are updated directly as well - if you wish to do so. 

From now on, users with access rights to these presentations will only have access to the latest version, so that not different versions of the same slide will be used throughout the company.

Further restrict the usage rights per presentation as you wish.


  • who has access to the presentation at all.
  • which file format may be used, 
  • which slides may be deleted,
  • how the order of slides has to be,
  • and whether users are allowed to add their own slides.

Any changes to a presentation are also recorded chronologically.

In addition, Leanr contains a slide library. Also here, a versioning concept helps to make changes over time and to be able to publish only the current version.

Relevant information can be retrieved for each slide (creator, creation date, list of presentations that use it, etc.). In addition, slides can also be provided with labels as desired.

Leanr offers audit security with audit trail

In everyday business, presentations have to be approved for various reasons. 

Whether by project managers, marketing, by the legal or compliance department.

Whether it's for clarity, consistency, compliance, or just to get a second opinion on something: Leanr helps to make feedback loops on presentations lean and simple. 

Without email ping-pong, without countless phone calls, without the risk of commenting on or circulating an incorrect version. And without the risk of not being able to find documented approvals afterwards and thus not being audit-proof.

Just like creating a presentation jointly, review processes ensure the structured flow of presentation reviews. In real time, with any number of participants.

This ensures that all presentation content can be checked, adjusted if necessary, and approved within a very short time, so that updates to existing or completely new presentations can then be made available centrally in Leanr. 

Any comments and approvals are recorded chronologically and can be retrieved in an audit trail in an audit-proof manner.

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