Audit compliance

Leanr ensures a compliant external appearance for companies of any size and sector, easily adhering to corporate guidelines - at any time.

Leanr speeds up your presentation processes

In everyday business, presentations have to be approved for various reasons. 

Whether by project managers, marketing, by the legal or compliance department.

Whether it's for clarity, consistency, compliance, or just to get a second opinion on something: Leanr helps to make feedback loops on presentations lean and simple. 

Without email ping-pong, without countless phone calls, without the risk of commenting on or circulating an incorrect version. And without the risk of not being able to find documented approvals afterwards and thus not being audit-proof.

Just like creating a presentation jointly, review processes ensure the structured flow of presentation reviews. In real time, with any number of participants.

This ensures that all presentation content can be checked, adjusted if necessary, and approved within a very short time, so that updates to existing or completely new presentations can then be made available centrally in Leanr. 

Any comments and approvals are recorded chronologically and can be retrieved in an audit trail in an audit-proof manner.

Faster. Better. Leanr.