Increase in productivity

Leanr helps to bring structure into the presentation chaos - through labeling, filter and search functions as well as versioning concepts.

Leanr speeds up your presentation processes

Which presentation is up-to-date?

What has been sent to which customer?

Did Compliance already approve this?

How often has this presentation been used?

When did we get the go-ahead from Marketing on this?

Where was the slide on Project XY again?

Everyday presentation life consists of many questions. Often they lead to many unnecessary phone calls, ongoing search for files, lots of email correspondence and frustration.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Leanr helps to bring structure into this chaos.

Through labels that can be combined and customized as desired.

Through a global keyword and content search across all presentations and slides.

Through meaningful usage statistics.

By providing a chronological listing of all changes and approvals to each presentation.

Through optionally usable public and private folder structures.

Even over time, no information is lost, but all colleagues involved are supported in quickly finding and using the right information.

Faster. Better. Leanr.