Leanr enables centralized 1-click slide deployment, ensuring that only up-to-date slides are used across the company, increasing efficiency and assuring compliance.

Leanr speeds up your presentation processes

Have you come across this situation?

New KPIs and financials, an updated disclaimer, a new layout - and countless presentations in which the affected slides have to be replaced.

Once this is done after a lot of manual effort, how do you ensure that only the updated presentations are used company-wide from then on?

With Leanr you have this under control as well: so you can upload new slide versions to Leanr in no time or update slides through our MS PowerPoint linking.

The 1-click slide deployment ensures that all presentations that use the updated slides in the old version are updated directly as well. Users with access rights to these presentations will henceforth only have access to the latest version.


Further restrict the usage rights per presentation as you wish.

Define who has access to the presentation.

...which file format may be used (PDF (with/without password protection), PPTX, online only).

...which slides may be deleted (blocking slides).

...how the order of slides has to be (grouping of slides)

...and whether users are allowed to add their own slides.

Any changes to a presentation are recorded chronologically and can be retrieved at any time.

In addition, Leanr contains a slide library where access rights can be defined for each slide to avoid incorrect use of the content and to ensure that the information is always up to date. A versioning concept also helps here to make changes over time and release new slide versions to all users with access rights.

Relevant information can be retrieved for each slide (creator, creation date, list of presentations that use it, etc.). In addition, slides can also be provided with labels as desired.

Faster. Better. Leanr.