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Updated help section presentation

We have updated our help section presentation! This update contains comprehensive instructions on the latest functions and optimizations in Leanr.

Right-click duplication

You can now duplicate slides in the presentation editor simply by right-clicking. If a slide was previously locked for users

Improvement of user guidance

When saving a version, users are now asked whether this version should be published or subjected to a review. This

New upload assistant

We are pleased to present our new upload assistant, which will make it even easier for you to get started

Extension of the global search

Our improved filter feature now allows you to search not only by title, but also by the description of slides

Our sales team is growing

We warmly welcome our new team members to the sales team: Gabriel Peña de Silvestri as Sales Manager and Ludwig

now also in Spanish

¡Bienvenidos a la nueva era de presentaciones con Leanr! We are pleased to announce that Leanr is now also available

License-free system administrators

Leanr takes the administration model to a new level. We now offer special system administrator accounts that focus solely on

Our software now more user-friendly

Our revamped design is now live – a simpler, more accessible and more efficient experience awaits you! User-friendliness has been

Duplicating presentations

Leanr has responded to customer feedback and introduced a brand new feature! From now on, created presentations can be duplicated

Our new website is live!

We are pleased to announce that our redesigned website is now online! It offers an enhanced experience to help you

Expansion of statistics

While we are generally working on a redesign of Leanr, we are also continuing to develop the content of Leanr.

Or-linking of chapters

We are still working hard to optimize and further develop Leanr! At the request of a customer in Banking, we

Automatic slide checks

We are busy automating a lot in Leanr to reduce the manual workload for users to a minimum. Leanr now

Subsequent format change

It is now possible to subsequently change the format of a presentation via the settings in the presentation editor. This

Label Management

Leanr now includes a real label manager feature: you can not only create and delete labels for individual presentations, but

2-factor authentication

We have introduced 2-factor authentication – our customers are now free to choose which security standard they want to use.

Improvement of the global search

The global search in Leanr has undergone the foreseeable latest improvement: all results are displayed directly by result type and

Streamlining the editor

We have made the presentation editor even more intuitive: the status of a presentation (publication, review, draft) is now no

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