Productivity redefined

Presentation Management for organisations

You can use Leanr either on your servers or in the cloud.

On-premises version

Host Leanr yourself.
You have full control.

Cloud version

We host Leanr for you.
Exclusively on German servers.

Management of presentations

Many features, lowest possible complexity: manage presentations in your organisation as easily as never before.

Management of access rights

Define who is allowed to access which presentation and who has which rights - flexibly according to your needs.


Collaboratively create, review, and share presentations across many participants without eternal email ping-pong.

Secure HOSTING without installation

Leanr is a browser-based web application that focuses on usability and functionality.

Productivity redefined.

Location-independent teamwork. At any time.

Compliance Präsentation
Präsentation managen

Manage presentation-related processes easily at last.

Increased operational efficiency.
Improved knowledge management.
No more time-consuming iterative reconciliations.
Finally a uniform external appearance. 

Designed to make your work easier and increase your productivity.

Präsentationen verwalten

Structured authorization concept

Review and creation processes

Audit trail

Slide library with various features

and much more

We are a participant of the INVEST program of BAFA.

Leanr was classified as an innovative company by the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control in 2022.

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