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Massive increase
in productivity

Leanr is revolutionizing the way companies manage MS PowerPoint presentations. Work processes are optimized, errors are minimized, efficiency is increased and the external image is standardized.

Smooth teamwork

  • Joint, guided presentation creation and reviews in real time by any number of people
  • Assigning responsibilities for all participants
  • Slide comments and chat per presentation
  • Direct version comparison with scroll-lock feature and highlighting of changes
Die Präsentationsbibliothek von Leanr.

Time and cost reduction

  • Presentation and slide library with versioning concept
  • Global keyword and content search and filters
  • Labels, folders and bookmarks for efficient organization of created content
  • “1-click” slide exchange in X presentations
  • Change logs per presentation with download option
  • Presentation kits can be structured as required

Real sales management

  • Presentation-specific access rights and file formats (pptx, pdf, online-only)
  • 1-click locking + publication of presentations
  • Definition of slide and chapter sequences
  • Locking slides and chapters
  • Presentation individualization through variables
  • Presentation-specific usage statistics

Uniform external image

  • Full version control through versioning concept
  • Review process with audit trail
  • Centralized one-click deployment of changes
  • Customized definition of the degree of freedom (file format, addition of own slides, blocking and grouping of slides)
  • Compliance with all GDPR and IT security requirements (also with service providers, e.g. Atruvia)