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Massive increase
in productivity

In today's dynamic business world, Leanr as an intelligent SaaS solution for presentation management and sales enablement can help to simplify processes, save time and reduce save time and reduce errors. Discover how Leanr can transform your sales enablement and contribute to the sustainable success of your company. Get started with Leanr today.

Prevention of collaboration chaos

Two laptops exchanging emails in a simplified, line-drawn style, enclosed by a circular outline suggesting global communication.
  • Joint, guided presentation creation and reviews in real time by any number of people
  • Assigning responsibilities for all participants
  • Slide comments and chat per presentation
  • Direct version comparison with highlighting of changes
Discover Leanr - your solution for efficient teamwork. Our intelligent software revolutionizes presentation management through seamless collaboration. Say goodbye to email ping-pong, version chaos, slide searches and inefficient workflows. With our advanced versioning concept and efficient workflow tools, you can improve collaboration and ensure structured processes in your teams.

Time and cost reduction

Two icons: on the left, a clock and calendar representing 20 hours average powerpoint use per month; on the right, a frustrated figure with >45% indicating major corporate frustration.
  • Presentation and slide library with versioning concept
  • Global keyword and content search and filters
  • Labels, folders and bookmarks for efficient organization of created content
  • Presentation individualization through variables
  • One-click slide exchange in X presentations
Speed up your workflow with Leanr! Time and cost reduction thanks to a central content hub that eliminates inefficient processes. Based on a GfK study of over 1000 employees, we show that the average employee spends 20 hours a month on PowerPoint, but over 45% find this a source of frustration. Central pain points of the study:

  • Version chaos: different versions of presentations are scattered across various folders and are sometimes out of date.
  • Repetitive workload: Updating presentations quickly triggers repetitive manual work steps that cost a lot of time.
  • "Provision chaos": No control over how the documents that are provided to other departments (e.g. individual project teams or sales) are used and changed.
  • Inefficient collaboration: lack of overview of open tasks, responsibilities, processing status and timeliness of a presentation

Uniform sales management

Graphic icons representing different data formats and analytics tools, including pdf, ppt files, pie chart, bar graph, magnifying glass, and a secure link symbol.
  • Presentation-specific access rights and file formats (pptx, pdf, online-only)
  • Consistent and seamless provision of the current presentation version
  • Definition of slide and chapter sequences
  • Definition of mandatory content to be used
  • Usage statistics and change logs per presentation
Optimize your sales with Leanr! Increase net customer contact time by reducing administrative sales tasks. Thanks to structured sales documents and various control options for the degree of freedom per presentation, you can improve the quality of your sales presentations and ensure a consistent external image.

Compliance with compliance & corporate guidelines

Two icons with percentages: on the left, three figures under "36% of employees consciously adhere to compliance requirements"; on the right, a magnifying glass on a gear under "18% of companies have no compliance management.
  • Presentation-specific definition of the Degrees of freedom (file format, addition of your own Slides, blocking and grouping of slides)
  • Full version control through versioning concept
  • Centralized one-click deployment of changes
  • Review process with audit trail
  • Compliance with all GDPR and IT security requirements (also with service providers, e.g. Atruvia)
A recent survey of 1,000 German employees conducted by Recommind revealed significant risks for companies due to compliance violations. The study showed that awareness of compliance requirements among employees is often not strong enough, which poses a serious threat to the integrity and security of company data.

In this context, Leanr offers a crucial solution for strengthening compliance and adherence to company guidelines. Leanr prevents the uncontrolled distribution of presentation versions through clear structures and comprehensive control mechanisms. This enables efficient management of presentation materials, reduces the risk of errors and strengthens the corporate image through consistent compliance.

With Leanr, companies can ensure that all sales activities comply with internal guidelines, which contributes to a more professional and trustworthy image towards customers and stakeholders.

Savings through Leanr

Graphic showing two statistics: "20h average time spent with powerpoint per month" and "30% time saved with leanr," with respective icons of a calendar with a clock, and a piggy bank with a clock.